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  • was created by attorneys from some of the largest law firms in the country including White & Case LLP and Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP.
  • The LLC Operating Agreement is the most important document for your limited liability company (“LLC”). was founded to provide law firm quality LLC Operating Agreements to small business owners and entrepreneurs at an affordable price with the belief that one’s dollars should be spent investing in one’s LLC not to pay expensive attorney fees for an Operating Agreement.
  • Professional, Law Firm quality LLC Operating Agreements without the law firm price.
    • We offer a cost effective, easy, quick, and secure way to complete a LLC Operating Agreement for your business.
    • is so EASY to use - we provide you with a series of multiple choice “CUSTOMIZED” questions. You simply answer these questions. We also provide you with 'Help' buttons that provide explanations and examples that you can use in answering the questions. You can complete the questions all at once or save your answers and go back at your leisure.
    • is AFFORDABLE- you no longer have to pay expensive attorney fees for a LLC Operating Agreement.
    • is QUICK- With the information you provide from answering your customized questions, the LLC Operating Agreement is created in real time. Once you are satisfied with your answers you can view your completed LLC Operating Agreement.
  • provides FREE phone support from specially trained LLC Professionals. Call us anytime – we are here to assist you!
  • provides FREE on-line help.
  • provides a FREE 95 page LLC Operating Agreement Explanation Guide (retail value $44.99) with any purchase.
  • offers a FREE “Most Common” chosen answer guide.
  • does NOT generate “form” type LLC Operating Agreements. The LLC Operating Agreement you receive from will be generated based entirely on your responses to the MyLLCAgreement Questionnaire. Each LLC Operating Agreement generated by is unique and is customized to meet the needs of the LLC’s business and its members.
  • has helped thousands of LLCs each month generate customized LLC Operating Agreements so that they can spend their money on their business instead of on pricey lawyers.
  • will generate customized LLC Operating Agreements specifically tailored to satisfy the legal requirements of all 50 states.
  • allows its users the ability to access, print, or email the finalized LLC Operating Agreement anytime.
  • is perfect for any entrepreneur or business no matter how big or small.
  • is the only web site that will allow you to customize your LLC Operating Agreement with provisions that cover crucial LLC business events such as:
    • How disputes among members will be handled
    • How the business will be managed
    • Granting a member an interest in the LLC for the performance of services (a “profits interest”)
    • How cash will be distributed to the members
    • How profits and losses will be allocated to the members
    • Under what circumstances will members be permitted to transfer their interest to a third-party
    • Will the members be granted a “right of first refusal” or a “right of first offer”
    • Will the members be granted “Drag-Along” and/or “Tag-Along” rights
    • Will the members be provided with “tax distributions”
  • provides its users the right to amend/modify their LLC Operating Agreement for FREE anytime.
  • stands by its agreements and guarantees you will be satisfied or your money back!
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